Function: COLI 3000 of SERES environnement is an automatic analyser for the bacteriological control of drinking and beach water.
Parameters: Quick detection of TOTAL COLIFORMS or E. COLI (Eschericheria Coli) in water.

Total Coliforms that are present in a larger number than E. Coli are used as an early indicator of pollution.

ON-LINE MONITORING with AUTOMATIC SAMPLING of Total Coliform or E.Coli ensures a faster detection of pollution. The Coli 3000 may be used :
- either on drinking water : monitoring of an eventual contamination by total coliforms,
- or on sea water : to monitor bathing water requiring bacteriological control, primarily of E.Coli.
The aim of this self-monitoring is to obtain the most precise response 24 hours a day, in order to take the quickest possible action in case of bacteriological hazard.
Detection method :
- Selective and sensitive detection (1 coliform in 100 ml water)
- automatization of the laboratory coliform detection method
Fast detection :
- Automatic sampling frequency is programmable from every 6 hours up to once in every 24 hours.
- Coli 3000 reagent is a culture medium that allows optimum development of the Coliform bacteria and E. Coli
- Response time from sample intake : from 3 hrs to 17 hrs.
Quick Detection of total coliforms & E.coli in the following areas:
- Biological analysis of drinking water,
- Surveillance of quality of underground water, surface water, ...
- Surveillance of quality of beach water, sea water, waste water after disinfection for example, ...

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