CRISTAL Chlorine

Function: Analysis in Chlorine / Soda production plants : a panel of solutions for continuous control on chemical & petrochemical industrial processes.


On line monitoring of various chemical species in industrial fluids in :
  • Brines & other process fluids,
  • Liquid chemical effluents & tail-gas exhaust treatment towers.
  • Examples of measurements that are being adapted on the CRISTAL analyser :
  • Ca+Mg in brine
  • Ca+Mg traces in brine
  • NaOH / Na2CO3 in brine
  • SO4 in brine
  • NH4+ in brine
  • NaOH / Na2CO3 in a sodium hypochlorite / soda medium
  • Chlorides traces in a soda solution
Other specific requirements can be studied by SERES environnement.
Please consult :
  • The PRODUCTS > WATER > Cristal page and the relevant brochure to view the main technical specifications of the CRISTAL range of analysers.
  • The CRISTAL Chlorine / Soda leaflet on the present page
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