Over head crane

Overhead cranes

Overhead cranes raise, shift, and lower loads with a projected, swinging arm or a hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track. There are many different types of products. Overhead cranes or bridge cranes attach a horizontal load-carrying beam to wall columns (overhung) or the underside of the ceiling (underhung).

Overhead cranes differ in terms of product specifications, features, and applications. Performance specifications to consider include load capacity, vertical available lifting height, and horizontal available span. Overhead cranes with wheels are designed for load transport and positioning. Typically, these machines are equipped with a brake or stabilizing outriggers.  Overhead cranes that provide motorized motion move loads with a motor instead of manual pulling. With some applications, an industrial pendant is used to enable an operator to actuate lift or trolley travel. There are many different sizes of overhead cranes.

Overhead Cranes

Many overhead crane models exist, all offering unique advantages according to the application. The single girder overslung crane, is possibly one of the most popular. Also available are double girder cranes and underslung cranes. Electrically motor driven end carriages and hoists, provide effortless accuracy when lifting and positioning heavy components and plant in machine shops, factories, warehouses, loading bays, etc.

Multi-functional controls are usually housed in a single control box. Operational control can be via suspended pendant, alternatively static pendant, remote or automatic controls can be fitted. There are a number of safety devices i.e. limit switches, warning lights, horns and anti-collision units, available to guarantee operator and pedestrian safety.

Product Range

  • Standard Cranes 4 - 4000
  • Heavy Duty Cranes 5 - 5000
  • Double and Single girder cranes
  • Hand operated cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Crane Kits

Standard Cranes

Standard Crane
  • Externally mounted motors allow for better ventilation and ease of access during maintenance, giving faster turnaround times.
  • Reduced scheduled maintenance and emergency downtime
  • Hoist independently load tested to 125% and certified by tests undertaken in the workshop
  • Easily adjustable over-raise and over-lower limit-switches allow swift changes on-site
  • Primary braking operates directly on the gearbox for maximum safety - secondary braking optional.
  • Fail-safe braking system incorporating a manual-release mechanism for emergency lowering in the event of a power failure.
  • Low voltage control system is an additional factor in operator safety
  • High quality structural assembly ensures compliance with BS466 (ISO4301) and BS2573.
  • End carriages fabricated from rolled steel with internal diaphragms for high torsional resistance.
  • Travel wheels made from spheriodal graphite cast iron with a high tensile strength and a high resistance to impact loads.
  • Graphite material castings within the wheel material act as a lubricant, reducing wear of the wheels and track.
  • Live axle drive system and precise speed control on all motors allows for smooth and accurate movement.
  • Rapid access to spare parts
  • Crane configuration selected to meet needs of application including Single girder, Double girder, Underslung, Goliath and Semi-Goliath

Free Standing Cranes

Free Standing Crane

Free standing cranes are usually supplied in standard sizes, but if the application requires it specific cranes can be designed to your needs.

Bespoke applications include wide spans and long downshops /lengths.

The versatility of the system means that if you have pillars or other obstacles the crane system can be designed to take account of these.

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