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Side Channel Multistage selfpriming pumps: Side channel pumps, also called liquid ring pumps, are designed to separate air and liquid from emulsion. These self-primed pumps have a high priming capacity; multi-stage design enables one or several stages assembly. The discharge pressure is directly related to the number of stages. Therefore, SP-Series pumps achieve high discharge pressures at low rotating speeds with fewer stages compared to multistage centrifugal pumps, thus being more economical in operation.

Constructive Features:

Maximum discharge pressures:

Types MO, BO: 10 bar (1 Mla)

Types BR: 16 bar (1.6 Mla)

The discharge pressure is the suction pressure plus the manometric pressure created by the pump.

Maximum fluid temperature:

Standard Version: 90°C Specially Required: 130°C

Shaft Seal:

Standard Version: Leak-less mechanical seal.

Specially Required: Soft packing.Rotating Sense View

From Motor:Standard Option: Clockwise.

Specially Required: Anti-Clockwise.

Materialsl:The pumps can also be manufactured in different materials as nodular cast iron, stainless, and other materials depending on requirement.

Application:The pumped fluid must be clean and without abrasive solid particules.The side channel selfpriming pumps SP Series have among other the following features:

  • Capacity to pump liquid with air content.
  • Excellent selfpriming capacity
  • Low NPSH required
  • High discharge heads with every few stage.

Therefore, these pumps cover a wide range of applications as high temperature fluids, high vapor tension liquids or volatile liquids.For capacities up to 12 m3/h and 8 bar pressure, they are many times more economical than centrifugal pumps.Short list of application fields and services.

General Industrial uses:

  • Fuel, petrol, nafta, kerosene, diesel-oil, pumping.
  • Boiler feeding.
  • Condensed water extraction.
  • Chemical products, emulsificated fluids, etc.

In general, all kinds of clean liquids with difficult suction conditions.


  • Fresh water and sea water sanitary services.
  • Sanitary hot water circulation.
  • Condensed water extraction on fresh water generators.

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