The TURBILIGHT enables the continuous measurement of low and medium turbidity loads (0-2 to 0-1000 NTU) mainly in drinking and surface water.

The method used is nephelometry, in full compliance with ISO 7027 & NF EN 27027 standards.

The TURBILIGHT is a compact unit, with excellent performances, easy to install, with automatic on-line operation and limited maintenance.

  • Nephelometry : light scattering at 90 degrees with colour compensation at 180 degrees.
  • IR source at 850nm ±20nm.
  • Collimated beam.
  • Sampling and measurement in a pressurized vessel.
  • Continuous measurement.
  • Measuring Ranges: 0-2/0-5/0-10/0-25/0-50/0-100/ 0-1000 NTU, configured and selected by user.
  • Resolution:0.001 NTU on range 0-5 NTU with a 2mn integration time.
  • Repeatability:± 1% of full range.
  • Manual Calibration ( 2 points).
  • Cleaning : automatic cleaning of pressurized vessel using a piston operated wiper.

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