Function: On line analyser by colorimetry, titrimetry or potentiometry for the automatic monitoring of water quality.

Parameters: Aluminium, ammonium, free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorides, chromium VI, hydrazine, iron, manganese, morpoline, peracetic acid, phenols, phosphates, silica, sulfates, hardness, TH, etc..


The CRISTAL, a new generation of WATER monitor for the measurement of chemical parameters in wide range of samples and applications.
  • High reliability achieved with a new measuring vessel and its associated fiber optics system
  • Low cost of ownership : reduced reagents' consumption, simple and efficient maintenance
  • New peristaltic pump : increased accuracy and quick tubing renewal
  • Ergonomic design
  • Analyser easily configurable
  • HI-LO thresholds and sample failure alarms per stream
  • Smart and easy to use Windows CE interface
  • JBUS RS232 communication protocole (RS485 on option) : measures, end of cycle stop, stream selection (others on request)
  • Journal of events and integrated data logger
  • Data retrieval via USB key : text files with Excel spreadsheet compatibility

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